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Applying to Charter Schools in the Rio Grande Valley—Your Questions, Answered.

Brillante Academy is launching in August 2023 at the request of the Rio Grande Valley community and after years of diligent preparation. We are thrilled to serve the region by developing students who lead lives of excellence, virtue, purpose, and impact! We will open for pre-kindergarteners, kindergarteners, and 1st-graders, and our school will continue to grow until we reach 8th grade. 

Most of the families we will serve are currently sending their children to a local public school and may be new to applying to a charter school. While no two charter schools are alike, we hope this post will help you know what to expect for this application process.

Brillante Academy is a Public Charter School. What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are independent public schools. So Brillante is FREE to attend, just like your local public school, but we are able to adjust our curriculum and approach in ways we’ve learned will help our children thrive, all while being held to rigorous standards by the state (and ourselves). By attending Brillante Academy, your child will receive a dual-language, classical, virtue-based education based on proven methods. While there are many charter schools in the Rio Grande Valley there is no other school like Brillante!

How does applying to a charter school work?

Unlike being assigned to a local public school based on where you live, parents in Texas are asked to apply to a charter school so that they can indicate their desire to send their child to the school, typically before a lottery deadline. You can apply to as many schools as you would like and there are no limitations on who can apply as Brillante Academy does not discriminate. Once you apply, you’re entered into a lottery to ensure every family has a fair chance of being admitted to the school. Anyone who applies before the lottery deadline will receive priority on the waitlist ahead of those who apply after the deadline.

Applying is FREE and Brillante Academy’s initial application window is open now. Even if you’ve been accepted and enrolled at another school that had an earlier lottery, you can still apply to Brillante and enroll if your child’s application is accepted. Brillante’s lottery date will be announced soon, but expect it to take place early in 2023, so don’t wait to apply.

Applying typically takes 7 minutes or less per child, and you can apply from anywhere

  • Online: Our online application is available in English y Español through Schoolmint from your smartphone, laptop or computer. 
  • Over the Phone: Call or text (956) 474-3242 and we can submit your application for you right over the phone or through text.
  • Contact us to schedule a meeting: You can schedule a conversation online, call or text us. We know how busy parents are, we’ll even meet you at your home and you can apply at your doorstep! 
  • Request an application to your email: Want to apply later? We’ll send you the link to our application to your email when you fill out this form.
  • Easily access either of these options by visiting

What is the Brillante Academy selection process?

Charter schools sometimes accept more applicants than available spots, and when that’s the case they hold a lottery once the enrollment period ends. The lottery process ensures that the selection of students is fair and randomized. 

If there are fewer or the same amount of applications as there are spots, then student applications are reviewed by our team. Charter schools are prohibited by Texas law to cherry pick based on any preferences, academic or otherwise. However, if a student is a child of a founder, teacher, or staff or if their siblings are currently students, they may be exempt from the lottery process. 

Why should I apply early to Brillante Academy? 

We are anticipating quite a few applications for our first year. Space is limited and demand for a seat at one of our sister schools has been overwhelming, often with ten times more applications than seats available.

You also have the highest likelihood of being admitted in our first year than in any other year. This also means you can give siblings of your first Brillante scholar priority admittance when they are school-aged. 

Finally, we are offering special gifts to families the earlier they enter. We are also raffling off two $25 VISA gift cards every month to families who have applied, so the earlier you apply, the more chances you have to win! Applicants who apply now will receive all future incentives as they are revealed!

The benefits are endless. Guarantee your child an opportunity to be admitted—don’t wait! Apply today!

Why is it significant for my child to apply to Brillante this year?

This is our inaugural year, meaning it’s your opportunity to be a founding family, paving the way for the future of our school. Your child will lead his or her generation in courage, wisdom, justice, and self-control. Brillante students are college-bound graduates with the habits, confidence, intellectual curiosity, analytical abilities, and necessary skills to be leaders in creating a just society. 

We have a clear vision and plan, but part of that plan is partnering with parents like you on how to best serve your sons and daughters. As members of the founding class, your child will have the unique opportunity to exercise his or her leadership skills even before graduating. 

Do you have more questions about applying to a charter school, how it works, or Brillante Academy’s approach to application selection, academic philosophies, or anything else? We would love to hear from you! Visit or give us a call at (956) 474-3242!