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New & Proven: Introducing Brillante Academy

I’ve lived in Texas for close to 27 years and I love my home. There are few things that matter more to me than serving my neighbors. Together, we have the power to do amazing things, which is why I’m so excited to introduce you to Brillante Academy, a new, free elementary school coming to Mission, TX August of 2023. 

Aaron Brenner, founding superintendent of Brillante Academy, with his wife and daughters.

We’re new because something new is needed to serve the people of the Rio Grande Valley.  When too many of our high school students are at risk of not graduating, and the state is nearly last when it comes to support for English Language Learners, the educational options available for all of our children are lacking at best, or require a paid tuition. Our children have limitless potential, and we must continue to provide options like Brillante where every student will be nurtured, and every child will excel.

But Brillante Academy isn’t just new. It’s also proven. Nuevo y probado. We spent more than eight years preparing to launch our school by piloting a similar model in The Bronx, New York through Brilla Public Charter Schools. Parents love our school and their children outperform their peers on a district, city, and state level. But our success goes beyond academics. One mother, Natividad Moina from Mexíco, has two children who attend our Brilla schools. Her son entered as a transfer from a local public school after spending two years applying in the hopes of winning a spot in the charter school lottery. Three days before school started, she received a call that a spot opened up.

Mrs. Moina with her sons and husband at Brilla in The Bronx.

“When I had the opportunity I didn’t hesitate, I just changed schools and my son had a complete 180° transformation. A change I never expected at his age. He entered Brilla with a kindergarten reading level though he was a second grader. Brilla lo aceptó, Brilla lo apoyó. With Brilla’s excellent teachers, I saw how they unleashed my son’s full potential that I thought he did not have. Brilla helped him a lot to stand out, to know that also his opinion counts, that he can say ‘I do not understand’ or ask and they answer his questions. For me Brilla is the best, and if I was told ‘you need to move him to another school,’ I would never do it.”

At the core of what we believe is that every child—your child—has inherent dignity and limitless potential, and we are here to partner with you to help them shine. You can learn about our vision, our approach, and the many ways your child will grow by visiting our website

Brillante Academy is coming to Mission, TX for children entering Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten and 1st grade. Even Pre-K will be a full day program for the students of Brillante Academy. Will you take advantage of this opportunity before it’s gone and apply today? Vamanos!

–Aaron Brenner, Founding Superintendent for Brillante Academy