Brillante’s Benefits

Brillante will help your child lead a life of excellence and virtue!

Developing Every Student’s Mind, Body, and Spirit

What’s better? To grow academically, or to grow in every way? We believe children succeed when developing their minds, bodies, and spirits. Our loving teachers combine our effective academic curriculum, dedicated character program, and magical outdoor play to give your child an enriched mind, body, and spirit.

A Safe and Supportive Community  

Rest assured that your child’s safety is our highest priority. The campus is built with security in mind. Some parents say it’s hard to see the campus from the street—that’s intentional. We have an 8-foot tall security fence surrounding the property, armed guards, and established safety measures developed with former military partners.

A Dual Language Education

Brillante is a truly immersive dual-language school. That means your child will speak, write, and read in English and Spanish fluently by the time he or she is in 5th grade. It’s a skill that will support them throughout their life and career.

Dedicated Teachers and Assistants

Our most frequent piece of feedback from parents is that they love Brillante teachers. Why is that? Because our teachers love Brillante children. It’s a love you don’t just see—it’s a love you feel. We constantly encourage and praise our students, and our teachers are always learning new strategies to apply in the classroom.

Personalized, Individual Instruction and Attention

Whether your child is far ahead or still catching up to grade level, we do regular assessments to customize our approach with every child. Our teachers and specialists work in small groups and give targeted guidance so every child is engaged and growing. 

One-of-a-Kind Character Formation

We teach your child what it means to be a good person, not just because it will help them do well in school, but also because we know it will give them a foundation for lifelong happiness. We do this through an integrated curriculum cultivating character traits like kindness, persistence, and courage.

Don’t miss out! Space is limited and demand for a seat at one of our sister schools has been overwhelming, often with ten times more applications than seats available.