Brillante’s Benefits

Brillante was developed for the Rio Grande Valley to help your child lead a life of excellence, virtue, purpose, and impact! Be confident knowing how your child will grow and be supported when they attend Brillante by learning about what sets Brillante apart from other schools.

Proven methods

Brillante is based on a model that has proven to outperform peers academically and be loved by parents like you. Data from our sister school, Brilla Public Charter Schools, shows that not only do students outperform the local district and the statewide averages in both ELA and math by wide margins, but students with disabilities (SWD) and those classified as English language learners (ELL) also outperform peers in both subjects on the state exams by double digit percentage point gaps. Brilla students also grow 1.5 times faster than the national average in reading and math and we’re excited to see Brillante students grow quickly as well.

Whole-child education

We are here not only to give your child an academically excellent education, nourishing their mind, but to also nurture them holistically by helping them to be good, virtuous citizens in pursuit of a meaningful life, in partnership with you.

Rooted in the community

Our model, the partners we make, and the activities we do throughout the year are all based on the needs of families in the Rio Grande Valley.

Set-up for success

Brillante is passionate about seeing your child succeed each and every day. Two-way dual language immersion is proven to be the best way to close achievement gaps and drive results, meaning your child is set-up early on for a successful future.


Walk around our school with university banners hanging from the ceiling and you’ll see an environment where every child knows they are college-bound. Brillante’s students will be reminded daily that they can go to college if they work hard and are engaged.

Career-minded and beyond

Preparation doesn’t stop with college. Our holistic education and character formation ensures every child graduates with the habits, confidence, intellectual curiosity, analytical abilities, and necessary skills to be leaders in creating a just society.

A true support and partner

We have high expectations for your children, but we do so by giving them an abundance of support and personalized attention. Between using data to help us understand exactly what kind of support your child needs and our two-teachers classroom model, your child will be supported throughout their entire experience at Brillante.

Don’t miss out! Space is limited and demand for a seat at one of our sister schools has been overwhelming, often with ten times more applications than seats available.