Our Vision

Our Minds are Brilliant. Our Bones are Strong. Our Spirits are Alive.

Excellence for Every Child

Every child possesses inherent dignity and infinite potential, and therefore deserves an excellent education that equips them with the necessary character and skills to excel in high school, college and beyond. Brillante exists to help your child achieve academic excellence and build moral character through joy, balance, and discipline.

Brillante’s vision is fulfilled by using a classical educational model, classroom-based blended learning, and two-way dual language immersion to ensure students will be prepared academically to conquer any challenge they may face, starting with acquisition and mastery of a second language and followed by success at the high school and college or career of their choice. With the use of data to drive instruction and expert professional instructors, students will conclude their time at Brillante with the habits, confidence, intellectual curiosity, analytical abilities, and necessary skills to be leaders in creating a just society.

Our Goals

Our goal is for Brillante students to lead lives of excellence, virtue, purpose and impact. We will accomplish this through the best instructional practices we’ve tested across the country, a longer school day and year, technology-based blended learning to deliver individualized instruction, intensive support and coaching of teachers—and combining this with a robust character education program, centered around core virtues. By setting high expectations for our students, they will grow in character and virtue every day.

Our Core Virtues

At the core of Brillante’s foundation is character education based on virtue. Four core virtues—Courage, Self-Control, Justice, and Wisdom—are infused into every aspect of your child’s education. As the name suggests, Brillante scholars will shine as beacons of hope both within and beyond our school walls.

Good Character = Happiness that Lasts.

See your child grow in:











Where We're Headed

As part of our commitment to serving our community better each year, we develop an annual Campus Improvement Plan. The 2024-25 plan can be found here in English and Spanish