We believe parents are the first educators. And you know how to best guide your child so they can shine brightly.

A school truly thrives when caregivers are frequently engaged and supported through meaningful and consistent communication, family workshops, and opportunities for authentic participation and collaboration. How do we partner with parents? Recently, we heard parents were concerned about the traffic speed near Brillante, so we installed a 20 miles per hour sign to make sure our students and their families can arrive and leave safely.

“I love Brillante Academy! The teachers and staff are all very welcoming and good to the kids!”

"Our daughters are thriving. Our 4-year-old is starting to read and write. Our 3-year-old didn’t speak Spanish and is now able to understand us. If you are an overprotective parent like myself, give Brillante a visit. You won’t be disappointed!"

"Love how caring they are in school, everyone is so kind to my child and they know every kid by their name.”

"We love that Brillante feels like a community! All staff and teachers have been beyond welcoming, and I feel secure knowing my child is learning in an environment filled with love and care."

We’re excited to partner with you in this effort.