Finally, a new school is opening just around the corner that really has everything you want to give your children.

New to Mission—but based on a proven model—Brillante Academy puts your child first. In partnership with you, Brillante children will grow up to have successful careers while pursuing happy lives full of purpose. We are also the only school around to have a truly immersive dual-language program giving your child the gift of being bilingual by 5th grade. 

Your child will love exploring, playing and learning on our expansive 12.5 acre lot with a one-of-a-kind outdoor play space! 

Starting August 14, 2023 with PK-3 (half-day), PK, K, and 1st grades, we will grow each year until we reach 8th grade. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

What makes Brillante the perfect fit for your child?

We balance tradition, innovation, personalization, and character formation.

Lead with Character Formation

We believe that good character makes for a meaningful life and produces lasting happiness. As a result, the development of moral virtue is a central part of our educational mission. Brillante will foster the cardinal virtues Courage, Justice, Wisdom and Self-control. These virtues will be infused throughout the curriculum, are referenced in classroom instruction, and modeled by all staff.

Two-way, Dual Language Immersion

All students are language learners at Brillante. This goes beyond taking a language class as part of the day. Every child will be engaged in two languages throughout the day and their time at Brillante. No matter the language spoken at home, your child will be bilingual in English and Spanish when they graduate in 5th grade. This is a gift that will lead to a lifetime of opportunities.

Personalized Blended Learning via Best in Class Technology

Teacher-led instruction is combined with blended learning technology to support personalized growth driven by data. Students at Brillante often will work in small teacher-led groups or as individuals (with appropriate support) using technology that adapts to their progress, ensuring that every child is being met where they are to reach their infinite potential.

Deep Family Involvement

We honor you, the parents, as the first educators of your children. A school truly thrives when caregivers are frequently engaged and supported through meaningful and consistent communication, family workshops, and opportunities for authentic participation and collaboration.
See your child lead a life of excellence, virtue, purpose, and impact!